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Alan Red has been known for years for its basic undershirts. Alan Red thought of all men. So that the perfect T-shirt is designed for every man made of high-quality material and a comfortable fit.

Alan Red Bamboo T-shirt.

At a time when sustainability has become more and more a hot topic, Alan Red certainly agrees. The properties of Alan Red bamboo T-shirts are perfect to wear directly on your skin. The fabric is ultra soft and hypoallergenic, so it won't irritate. In addition, the fabric ventilates very well, so that you stay fresh for longer. Moisture, such as perspiration, is quickly absorbed and removed again. In short, the Alan Red bamboo shirts keep you fresh and dry. What more could you want?

Alan Red Bamboo shirt collection

It is not without reason that bamboo is called the new cotton. Not only is it more comfortable to wear, but as icing on the cake it is also more durable than cotton. Another advantage of bamboo is that it continues to grow, while cotton grows and then disappears. The Alan Red collection of bamboo shirts consists of the white V-Neck in a Body-Fit fit, the white O-Neck T-shirt with Body-Fit fit and a black V-Neck shirt in the Body-Fit fit. In short, a wonderfully comfortable, Eco-friendly shirt available in sizes S to XXL.

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Ordering one of the Alan Red Bamboo shirts online is simple, fast and easy in our webshop at Choose from the wide collection of Alan Red T-shirts and choose the shirt that suits your needs.
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