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Make a statement with a blazer from Blue Industry.

Do you often wear jackets to work, but are you ready for something new or different? Blazers from Blue Industry may then be the perfect choice for you. These jackets stand out for their excellent workmanship, subtle details and their pleasant regular-fit fit. If you often wear blazers, these pieces might be a good addition to your current wardrobe.

A luxurious look and special finish.

The jackets of Blue Industry have a very luxurious look, they are often provided with special prints, so that you really make a statement with wearing. The finish is also very professional, because the blazers are usually provided with beautiful contrasting details on the inside and outside.

Jackets with a contemporary twist, can be worn both casual and formal.

Beautiful clothing with a contemporary twist, that's how you can also describe the Blue Industry range. The brand tries to make each item of clothing distinctive and this is reflected in the beautiful collection of blazers that Suitable currently offers you. You can wear these items both smart casual and formal, because you can combine them in different ways. For example, they also look great on dark jeans.
For times when you can dress in a more smart- casual way, Suitable the modern man various, fashionable jackets from the fresh men's brand Blue Industry. The Dutch fashion brand Blue Industry is characterized by its sporty look that merges seamlessly with a touch of trendy formal style. Suitable offers you a wide range of Blue Industry, ranging from a chino or a trendy shirt to the cool jackets.


The Blue Industry jackets are ideal to combine with chinos or jeans, or wool-cotton mix trousers. The fit is fitted and thus enhances the fashionable character. The jackets are equipped with a soft shoulder, which ensures that the jacket falls smoothly and subtly follows the insert of the sleeve. This creates a subtle casual look when you wear it.

Wearing comfort

The Blue Industry jackets that you will find at Suitable are predominantly made of a material mixture of cotton or wool with polyester. The weaving technique ensures that the jacket is very flexible to wear, lightweight and yet strong. The structure of the fabric also ensures that you can combine the jacket for various occasions, such as a drink or "Casual Friday".
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