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Suitable Suit Strato Stripe Navy
Suit is very nice, perfect slim fit! Good price.
  Good to hear that you are so happy with the costume. Happy wearing!   ^Quinty from Suitable
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  • Good price
  • Nice color
  • Perfect fit
  • Not available with waistcoat.

Buy Striped Business Suits online

Stripes in all kinds of variations are now a vogue in men's fashion again. And that's why the pinstripe suit is back at the front again. It is one of the absolute favorites among the suits and has proven itself time and again as a timeless classic. The stripe suit is not only elegant, but also has a latently odious and audacious touch.

The chalk suit

And that is not without reason. During Prohibition in America in the 1920s, the costume was particularly popular with people of the underworld. Later, the pinstripe suit was also worn by elegant dandies like Rudolph Valentino and Hollywood stars like Clark Gable. Over the course of the twentieth century, the macho suit evolved into serious business attire. Not all pinstripes are the same, however. For the choice of fabric. the farther apart the stripes and the thin they are, the more business the suit is, which means that there is a big difference between the stripes of Al Capone and the thin stripes of a distinguished banker.

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