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Functional jackets

Usable, effective and suitable. That is exactly what a functional men's jacket is all about! The choice in terms of color, brand and fit is in your hands. But we are happy to help you make this choice. It is important to ask yourself when will you be wearing this jacket or to what occasion. If this is a jacket that you will wear in your spare time, what are the activities you do. Do you often go for a walk or are you cycling every day? What requirements do you set for the jacket? It is always good to pass these on. The size differs per brand, and you can feel how the model falls and whether you can move freely in it.

Make and Model

The Tenson brand started making outdoor clothing. Most of Tenson 's coats are MPC (Moisture Permeable Coating). This coating has tiny holes, which are smaller than raindrops but larger than sweat drops. This allows the coating to drain body moisture, but does not let water through from the outside. These jackets are perfect for the active man! Small fact: this brand is generally longer in length, but you can easily adjust it to the desired length. Suitable SoftShell is DWP (Dutch Weather Proof) and this brand and model is casual and sporty, this model has a slim fit and is super comfortable because of its material. It is like wearing a vest that can withstand rain and wind. This functional clothing is ideal in the fall and spring months.
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