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Melik shoes are extraordinary shoes defined by fine craftsmanship and beautiful details with superb comfort for your foot. Dare to be rare! Many men tend to choose the shoes that they already used to wear. Just because it's comfortable and easy; it does not mean you should not try any other style. That leaves many options behind. Variety is the key to look outstanding in your chosen look for any occasion. There are some general rules to follow for the right fit:

  1. Color of the shoe should be matching with colors you wear or be darker. Lighter shoes, then your outfit would be distracting.
  2. Many men think that socks need to match your shoe, but it's not necessary. If you think of today's fashion, you can even go for Happy Socks to define your look. If you are not into Happy Socks, then the right way to choose your perfect sock is to see the whole outfit. The color of every item has to blend, meaning that socks will bring it all together.
  3. Melik Belts and shoes are a good match together in any outfit. Therefore, if you buy a shoe, go for a matching belt to complete the look. The other thing is that it's always challenging to find the same matching belt. So buy your belt and shoes together. This, because every collection has different leather processing, and colors can vary from collection to collection. This same processing also would affect the fabrics. So our advice would be, buy the matching belt right away together with your shoes.
  4. Comfortable shoes are essential! If you feel good in your Melik shoes, it will defiantly show. Go for comfort and a good fit!
  5. Invest in quality goods, meaning if you buy Melik shoes and belts, you will invest in the items to keep for a more extended period of time.

Melik shoes & Jeans

Jeans are the easiest way to make a combination with any shoe. The only rule here: try not to wear formal shoes as it will fit more with a dressy style.

Melik Shoes & Chino

Here, detail is the key to success. As mentioned before, Melik shoes offer great comfort and have a good eye for detail. In every Melik shoe & Melik belt, there is a nice detail that makes them more personal and more outstanding with your look. So if you plan to wear blue chino, look for a Melik shoe & belt with blue details. It can be anything, a shoelace or a sole. It will uplift your looks.

Melik Shoe & Trousers

It all depends on the occasion, but how shinier the shoe, how dressier it appears for the eye. The same rule applies to the sole of the shoe. How rougher the sole, the more casual the shoe will look. Also, try to see the toe of the shoe. If you plan to wear your shoe semi-casual, go for a less pointy toe.

Color of the Melik shoe collection

The Most chosen colors of the Melik shoe collection are colors you can match easily. But even with those colors, there are some tricks you can do to stand out. For Example, black shoes will work perfectly with grey, blue or black pants. Brown shoes are more suitable for earthy colors. Meaning if you wear Brown shoes, go for darker earthly color trousers. Dark red tones of the shoes work well with light Brown colors, greys, or blues. Dark and navy blue will go great with white, grey, olive, and red pants. Melik shoes are not just comfortable to wear, but a fashion statement. Order your colorful Melik shoes and belt at the Suitable online store.

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